Art Adri

ART Adri is a page of the artist Adriana Kobulejová. Adriana was born in 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic, however last few years she has been living mostly in Saudi Arabia, where she also worked as a flight attendant.

Although she studied psychology at the university, she has been interested in the art generally since she was a child. Later on the passion for painting, beside the writing also, won all over the others. Like a self taught artist she was continously gaining the experiences and abilities to transfer her positive feelings on the canvas with the acrylic colors and the colors in spray.

Her art is highly affected by her travelling to different parts of the world, especially the abstract paintings made intuitively. Beside the abstract creation, she loves to experiment with the colors and creates the pop art and also realistic paintings, in which she always somehow reflects herself. She believes, that the colors have the power to brighten up any interior, therefore she choses such combinations to always arouse in anybody only the positive feelings. The final paintings are in the end able to speak to the observant in many different ways.